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Ship & C.R.E.W is transparent, committed and responsible.

These standards ensure that the company maintains a quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction, manages health and safety risks within the workplace, and implements and maintains a quality, safety, security, and environmental management system to meet standard requirements and applicable legislation.

ISO 9001
Management Systems
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
Occupational Health &
Safety Management


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Productivity and quality are our main priorities.

Ship & C.R.E.W has a proven track record of excellence in several national projects related to clean energy production. The company transported equipment to the solar power generation project in Benban, Aswan, and discharged windmills in several ports to advance the wind energy project. The company also takes many successful steps to preserve the environment, making it the first company in the field conscious to reduce carbon emissions


WE Drive.

WE Perform.

about us

Providing integrated services,
innovative solutions and
ethical practices

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Our Vision

We envision Ship & C.R.E.W , as a leading regional organization providing diversified port operations and international trade supply chain solutions maximizing our growth, offering added value to our customers while rewarding our shareholders .

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Our Mission

To provide value added port operations services and international trade supply chain solutions to facilitate trade and increase Egyptian port productivity in an efficient and competitive manner while fulfilling our social & environmental responsibilities .

Our Founder

Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak.

Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak was born in 1921 and became a British Royal Navy Lieutenant in 1946. After going on a mission with the British fleet as a Royal Navy Officer that year, he joined the Egyptian Royal Navy. He got married in 1948 and suffered a knee injury in 1949, leading him to shift to a managerial position in the navy. He served as the head of management and administration for 12 years, acquiring extensive knowledge in the maritime field and building a vast network of relations. He retired from the navy with the rank of Admiral and served as Egypt's Military Attaché in Pakistan from 1953-1957, where he met many world leaders. In 1968, he had his only son, Eng. Marwan El Sammak.

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Our Values

Customer centricity

Is a core value that drives everything Ship & C.R.E.W does. The company is committed to understanding its customers' needs and providing the highest level of service and support. Ship & C.R.E.W strives to deliver products and services that exceed customers' expectations and build long-term relationships.

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Our Values


Is at the heart of Ship & C.R.E.W's culture. The company believes in doing the right thing, even when it's hard. Ship & C.R.E.W operates with the highest level of ethics and transparency, and takes responsibility for its actions.

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Our Values

Interdependence and sustainability

Are closely intertwined values that reflect Ship & C.R.E.W's commitment to collaboration and responsibility. The company recognizes that its actions have an impact on the world around it, and it strives to operate in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

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Our Values


Is a core value that reflects Ship & C.R.E.W's ability to adapt and respond to change. The company is committed to innovation and continuous improvement, and it operates with a sense of urgency to stay ahead of the curve.