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Ship & C.R.E.W has been providing transportation services since 2005. We serve Importers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders and Shipping Lines. Our service revolves around empowering our “Partner” Customers in a fast changing global market that thrives on both agility and growth. Therefore, we enable our customers to achieve their mission through our diverse assets and digital tools. Specialized in container transport, we are able to accommodate 40 & 20 foot containers, dry, reefer, flat racks, ISO tanks & out of gauge containers.

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Transportation service

Our professional Team Is equipped to

provide reliable and efficient transport solutions.
Our customers are our partners, we have full insurance coverage for all our operations.

Reliable & Efficient Solutions

Rely on our transportation solutions for their reliability and efficiency, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Our drivers are extensively trained in defensive driving techniques, prioritizing safety and responsible road behavior.

Continuous Monitoring

Our drivers are monitored around the clock to maintain strict adherence to safety protocols and ensure the secure transportation of goods.

Large Unified Transport Fleet

Benefit from our expansive fleet equipped with twist locks and undermount gensets, ensuring versatility and adaptability to different cargo types.

Planning & Road Surveys

Our meticulous planning and road surveys guarantee smooth transportation operations, identifying and addressing potential challenges in advance.

24/7 Live Tracking

Enjoy real-time visibility of your cargo with our 24/7 live tracking feature, providing updates on the location and status of your shipments.

Integrated Customer Support

Our integrated customer support ensures a seamless experience, with a dedicated team ready to assist and address any inquiries or concerns.

Cargo Safety

Rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands, with our commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of every shipment.

Full Insurance Coverage

All our operations are backed by full insurance coverage, providing additional peace of mind for our clients.

Transportation service

Your Trusted Partner

At Ship & C.R.E.W, your business is our priority, operating from all Egyptian ports & delivering to all in-land destinations.