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Unloading Tahya Misr Pipes

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Discharging 244 pipes for (Tahya Misr ) project at Alexandria port

S&C is proud to announce the successful discharge of 244 critical pipes at the Alexandria Port, as part of the esteemed “Tahya Misr” project. This significant achievement highlights S&C’s dedication to precision, safety, and expertise in handling heavy cargo.

The “Tahya Misr” project is a cornerstone of infrastructure development in Egypt, aimed at enhancing the nation’s vital services and resources. S&C is honored to have played a pivotal role in supporting this initiative by ensuring the safe and efficient unloading of 244 crucial pipes that will contribute to the project’s success.

S&C’s meticulous planning and execution ensured that each of the 244 pipes was handled with the utmost care and precision. The cargo was unloaded efficiently, meeting project timelines and requirements, reflecting S&C’s dedication to delivering on its promises.