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31 May Event

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Ship & C.R.E.W in an agile and digital world

On the 31st of May 2022, S&C (Ship & C.R.E.W) organized an internal event, “S&C in an agile and digital world,” held at Hilton King’s Ranch Hotel in Alexandria. This gathering brought together S&C’s dedicated employees and professionals, with the notable presence of Eng. Marwan El Sammak. The event centered around the crucial themes of organizational agility and the enduring trust that has characterized our relationship with clients over the years.

S&C places a strong emphasis on its corporate culture and the development of its internal workforce. The event, while exclusive to S&C’s internal employees, reflects the company’s commitment to cultivating a cohesive and agile corporate culture. It underscores the belief that a united and motivated team is essential for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

S&C recognizes that the cornerstone of providing distinguished services to its customers is a highly engaged and adaptable workforce. By investing in its employees and fostering a culture of innovation, the company ensures that its team is equipped to deliver exceptional service and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of its clients.

The event delved into the significance of embracing change and adaptability within the company’s operations. Agility is a fundamental component of S&C’s corporate culture. Eng. Marwan El Sammak, a respected figure in the industry, reiterated the importance of teamwork and collaboration among S&C’s internal staff. The event provided a platform for sharing best practices and innovative strategies aimed at enhancing the company’s ability to respond to market fluctuations and dynamic customer demands. By promoting agility, S&C aims to maintain its competitive edge and continue leading in the industry.

Trust remains at the core of S&C’s relationships, both internal and external. During the event, Eng. Marwan El Sammak emphasized the significance of maintaining trust not only with clients but also among employees. S&C is dedicated to preserving the trust it has built over time, and it actively works to build even stronger relationships with its clients. Trust, as a part of S&C’s corporate culture, ensures that clients receive outstanding services and that S&C continues to evolve to meet their needs.

The “S&C in an agile and digital world” event highlights the company’s commitment to nurturing its corporate culture and the development of its workforce. This approach aims to provide distinguished services to its customers and remain agile in the ever-changing business landscape. By focusing on these core principles, S&C is well-positioned to excel in an agile and digital world, delivering exceptional results and maintaining the trust that has become a hallmark of the company’s identity.