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Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak competition

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Nurturing Young Talent: Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak Youth Freight Forwarders Competition 2022

Last week, Alexandria played host to the Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak Youth Freight Forwarders Competition 2022, a prestigious event founded by the Ship & C.R.E.W and inspired by Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak. This gathering sought to recognize and empower emerging talents in the freight forwarding field, representing a collaborative effort between the Ship & C.R.E.W, The Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association, and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport. This collective endeavor underscores the industry’s dedication to achieving excellence.

In the presence of Eng. Marwan El Sammak, the event was a celebration of young talents within the freight forwarding sector. Not only did it acknowledge the competition’s winners, but it also served as an inspiration for the upcoming generation of freight forwarders.

The ceremony’s highlight was the announcement of three deserving winners who secured the “FIATTA” diploma scholarship at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. This fully-funded opportunity empowers these recipients to advance their education and refine their skills, aligning seamlessly with Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak’s visionary perspective for the industry.

As the founder of the Ship & C.R.E.W, Admiral Mahmoud El Sammak envisaged a thriving future for the freight forwarding industry, propelled by innovation and talent. This competition and the scholarship awards represent tangible steps towards realizing this vision, ensuring that emerging talents are equipped to meet the evolving demands of the sector.

This event also underscores the Ship & C.R.E.W’s focus on lifelong learning and its conscientious approach to its impact on the industry, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and positive influence within the sector.